5 Reasons Why You Should Travel to Ukraine

“We live in a wonderful world that is full of beauty, charm, and adventure. There is no end to the adventures we can have if only we seek them with our eyes open.”– Jawaharlal Nehru

Ukraine is diverse and beautiful, full of opportunities and absolutely underestimated. Modern European country which combines love to its history and powerful will for moving forward.

Today it becomes more and more popular among tourists from neighbor European countries, China, Israel and India. Only last year Ukraine have welcomed more than 14 millions tourists!

So, here are 5 major reasons to take a first flight to Ukraine.

1. Culture

  • Festivals
    Lviv is truly a City of Festivals with more than 40 events held during the year, including world-wide famous Chocolate and Coffee Festivals. For party and music lovers, summer comes with a mind-blowing “Atlas Weekend”in Kyiv – enormous musical festival with A-list international celebrities participating.
  • Art
    Ukrainians have always loved art in every form. Today hundreds of art exhibitions open their doors for all art lovers. Masterpieces by Rodin, Picasso, Vrubel etc. are handed to Ukrainian exhibitions by European museums to be presented in Ukraine along with modern Ukrainian works of art.
If you want to find a unique piece of art for your personal collection, check out the street art fair at the Andriivs’kyi descentin Kyiv.
  • Museums
    Along with well-known classic art and historical museums, Ukraine can offer visiting a very unusual locations. Mysterious and frightening Odessa Catacombscan give you chills while the Museum of Dreamsin Kyiv can show you the magical world of colorful and weird dreams.

2. Medical and SPA tourism

Today medical and SPA tourism to Ukraine is a fast developing tourism branch. Attracted by high-quality services, extra low prices and English-speaking stuff, tourists from EU, Arab countries and US gladly come to Ukraine.Here you can receive services in the fields of:

  • Dentistry
  • Reproductive medicine 
  • Rehabilitation
  • Aesthetic medicine
  • Stem Cell treatment
  • SPA and Wellness
  • Tattoo Art etc.

In 2018 Ukrainian clinics provided treatment for more than 65 000 foreign patients with various health issues. 57% of the patients came to receive treatment in the cardiac surgery, aesthetic plastic surgery and reproductive medicine fields. About 26% have visited local resorts, including ICP rehabilitation establishments.

3. History

  • Khortytsia
    Cossacks play a significant role in Ukrainian history. Brave warriors, they fought for their freedom and still are a source of inspiration and pride of Ukrainian people. Khortytsia is a unique place as it amaze with both beauty of nature and richness of cultural heritage.
  • Castles
    If you are fascinated by medieval history and love hearing stories about knights in shining armor, you will be stunned by Ukrainian castles. Breathtaking Kamyanets-Podilska Fortress, magical Shenborn Castle, unassailable Palanok Castleand dozens other fortresses and manors give an opportunity to peek into life of medieval lords and peasants.

4. National treasures:

  • People
    Amazing people live here. Ukrainian hospitality shows in ease of communication, eagerness to help and neverending desire to feed you. Once you step inside the house as a guest, get ready for the feast!

By the way, beauty of Ukrainian girlsbecame legendary many years ago and men from all around the world still come to Ukraine to see if it’s true.

  • Nature
    Blessed with geographical location and mild climate, Ukraine is one of the greenest countries I’ve ever seen. Beautiful nature of Ukraine have inspired poets and artists for many centuries and still does. Hugged by majestic Carpathians in the West and washed by illimitable Black Seain the South. The perfect way to appreciate the Ukrainian nature fully is to see both.
  • Food
    Of course, any big city has to offer standard Italian, Japanese or French restaurants, but I would recommend looking for something more exquisite.

Lviv “!Fest” corporation has a chain of quirky restaurants with unique concepts, e.g to get into “The most expensive Galician restaurant” you’ll need to find a secret passage through the conspirative apartment. But once you’ll get inside, you can taste the best steak and desserts of your life!

Ukraine will surely surprise you with very low prices. Apartment rent, food, transport, entertainment are significantly cheaper than in EU countries or US.

5. Unique destinations

  • For adventurous peoplewho want to see everything in their life, Ukraine can offer unbelievable tours to unique destinations. The infamous Chernobyl is a lost city destroyed by the nuclear power plant accident. Today you can visit it with guided tour and see for yourself what happens with cities that are lost and abandoned.
  • Kyiv from above
    Not many people know, but you actually can get to the top of the famous Motherland Monumentto observe the city from the 102 m height.
  • Odessais a city of contrasts: old historical buildings and luxury modern malls; almost religious traditionalism and riot of the youth. Odessa is also a city of non-stop parties. Whether you are looking for history, fun, great food or amazing people – it is all there.
Get a piece of delicious forshmak or fried surmullet in “Maman” (Odessa), spiced with unique Odessan humor. One-of-a-kind atmosphere and the way of talking that only exists in Odessa.
  • Variety
    The best thing about the Ukrainian cities is their crazy variety. It seems like you are traveling through the pages of the history schoolbook: medieval fortresses give way to the post-Soviet architecture and modern skyscrapers. Visiting cities in different parts of Ukraine is like coming to a new country over and over again.

Ukraine is a land that possess inexhaustible riches: unique nature and amazing people. It has so much to offer and ready to welcome you with all heart.

I’m a fellow traveller and explorer of Ukraine. Based in Kyiv. Feel free to reach out to me with any questions. I’m very friendly and always open to discussing new projects, interesting ideas or opportunities to be part of Ukraine.
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