Best International Schools in Ukraine

“Learn and read And learn from strangers And don’t shy away from yours”

Taras Shevchenko. December 1845.

I was lucky to work in different countries outside of my native one.

There might be numerous reasons for making a person work outside of his or her homeland. But the issues, an expat faces with, are mostly much the same and one of them is our children’s education.

My first step while planning to live in a new country was to spot the best possible schools in an area. Nowadays the Internet gives us a lot of flexibility to investigate and search for information but the most difficult thing, in the end, is to take your decision.

16’200 expats were working in Ukraine in the year of 2018 which is almost 2 times more than the year before!

Here are 4 best known International Schools in Ukraine to choose from. 

British International School in Ukraine

Address: 1 Dragomirova Str., Kyiv

900-1200 USD a month is the price of getting your child prepared for a western-like educational process. Honestly and having in mind that this school prepares children to enter a foreign educational system, they offer very good tuition costs.

Terms and Conditions

  • Children of age 3 to 18 years are welcome here
  • A formal interview is required before been enrolled
  • The school is a member of the Council of British International Schools (COBIS) representing over 265 member schools in 75 countries

The curriculum of this school encourages parents to be involved in the educational process. And on finishing this school your children will be well prepared to go to any Western University for further tuition.

Pechersk School International

Address: 7a, Victora Zabily, Kyiv, Ukraine, 03039

2200-2700 USD a month makes this school to be one of the most expensive on the market.

  • 3 to 18 years old children are studying here.
  • Attendance standards at this establishment are a little bit higher, so knowledge assessment tests are to be carried out. Courses and training are provided to enhance children’s readiness.
  • This school boasts its active social position. Much attention is paid to pupils’ development and making them being partial ones.

The alumni community is strong and proud of being apart.

Meridian International School

Address: Kvitnevyi Ln, 5А, Kyiv, Ukraine, 04108

200-300 USD per month is a fair price for those intending to live in Ukraine for a longer period and further studying in a university here.

This school follows Ukrainian educational curriculum and additionally pays considerable attention to English language teaching. This school is a member of Quality Schools International and the European Council of International Schools.

  • An interview and written assessment tests are used to estimate a prospective pupil.
  • You can count on pre-testing assistance and the possibility to attend special courses before passing the entrance tests.
  • Opportunity to proceed to either Ukrainian University education or a Western one.

Insight: I’ve been assisting my good friend from Serbia to get his children into Meridian International School. It was not too much complicated since the overall enrolment process is smooth.

Kyiv International School

Address: 3A, Svyatoshinsky Provulok Kyiv, Ukraine, 03115


For 1800-2000 USD a month this school provides good facilities and conditions for its pupils.

  • Entrance exam and an interview are required to be approved.
  • This school is claimed to be the oldest private schools in Ukraine.
  • There are some valuable charities festivals carried out by them during a school year.

The management and lecturers of this school participate in professional self-development events and studies. The children are constantly under school stuff’s attention and willingness to assist.

To-do list for best school searching process

  • Talk to your children and find out if they are ready for some challenges in the beginning
  • Decide on who will be taking your children to a school and then bring them back home
  • Find out if there would be children from your native country in the school you’ve chosen
  • Try to predict the funds needed to study in a particular school

P.S.: All of the schools mentioned provide so-called “open doors” events, so feel free to book your guided tour to check the venues and spirit of each establishment on the place.

I’m a fellow traveller and explorer of Ukraine. Based in Kyiv. Feel free to reach out to me with any questions. I’m very friendly and always open to discussing new projects, interesting ideas or opportunities to be part of Ukraine.
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