Can I rent and Airbnb in Ukraine?

“The real traveler does not have a definite plan and intention to go somewhere” – Lao Tzu said. However, if you, nevertheless, have decided to go somewhere, you have better have a plan of your  staying.

There are so many options for tourists where they can stay, such as hotels of different ranks, hostels, but today we are going to talk about apartment renting in Ukraine.

AnchorHow can I rent an apartment?

Two the most popular options to rent are agencies and airbnb.

  1. AnchorAgenciesThere are a large number of agencies you can find by googling. Using the services of the agency, you will communicate with realtors who will offer you housing options. Apartment’s  price already includes the cost of this consultation. This type of renting takes too much time.
  2. AnchorAirBnb.It is the most convenient and fast way to rent an apartment. You can do it with the help of your PC or just using app on your smartphone. In addition to the price of the apartment you will have to pay for site service, but it worth it.

    How to use? – Extremely simple.

    • Open the site or airbnb app on your smartphone;
    • Choose the city;
    • Choose dates of staying;
    • Use filters and choose amenities you need (kitchen, amounts of beds, hair-drier, iron, etc.);
    • Click on the Search button;
    • Choose apartment you like most and book it online.

AnchorHow much is it to airbnb in Ukraine?


The capital has many options for different wallets. Rental housing in Kiev is always in demand, so the price doesn’t depend on season so much. Average rental price in Kiev for:

  • Luxury housing, such as
    • Penthouses near the city center – about 900- 1000 USDper night;
    • VIP studios and luxury apartments – about 700 – 900 USDper night;
    • Apartments with exclusive interior design – about 350 – 650 USDper night;
  • Middle class housing, such as
    • Apartments near the city center – about 40 – 50 USDper night;
    • Room in the apartment – about 15-25 USDper night.


This city is a resort so the price depends on the season. You can find the most beautiful, new and expensive housing in the Arcadia area, which is close to the sea, and also in the city center. Average price in these two districts in high season would be:

  • Luxury housing, such as
    • Villas and cottages – 600 – 850 USD per night;
    • VIP flats – about 500-750 USDper night;
    • Private houses and small villas  – about 250-500 USD per night.
    • Studio apartments – about 150-250 USD per night
  • Middle class housing:
    • Cozy apartments with good conditions – about 30-45 USD
    • Rooms in the apartments – about 15 -25 USD

           When the influx of tourists decreases housing prices reduce by 30-40%


Lviv is not a resort, nevertheless, it also has its own high season – Christmas Holidays and the New Year’s Eve. This is the time when prices rise slightly, but otherwise Lviv accepts tourists equally, both in spring and in autumn. The average price for:

  • Luxury housing:
    •            De Luxe Apartments in Lviv historical center – about 600 – 1000 USD per night;
    •            VIP apartments near the city centre – about 250 – 450 USDper night
  • Middle class housing:
    •            Small flats with basic amenities – about 35-80  USDper night;
    •            Rooms in the apartments – about 20 – 30 USD per night.

            If you decided to go to Lviv for Christmas, be ready to pay by 20-25 % more.

Choosing a place to stay remember that the price of rental apartment depends on the:

  • Season            According to the laws of supply and demand, the price at the height of the tourist season will be higher than usual. For example, in Odessa from June to August, in Lviv at Christmas, in the Carpathians during the ski season.
  • City            Naturally, in large cities, with a large influx of tourists, the price of housing will be higher than in small towns.
  • Location            The closer to the center and main attractions – the more expensive housing is. The exceptions are resort towns. Here the price depends on  the distance to the sea.
  • Amenities            Exclusive design, view, fresh repair, the presence of a hair dryer, iron, fire alarm, washing machine, dishwasher – all this increase the cost of rent.

Ukraine has a really huge estate market, so you can find a place where you will feel the best way during your staying.

P.S.:Pay attention on details, such as check in/out time, rules of the house and cancellation policy before booking. Safe travels!

I’m a fellow traveller and explorer of Ukraine. Based in Kyiv. Feel free to reach out to me with any questions. I’m very friendly and always open to discussing new projects, interesting ideas or opportunities to be part of Ukraine.
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