Dating Ukrainian women

Women are very practical. They are a lot more practical than us. A man often forgets about marriage in the moment of pleasure, but the woman always reminds him.  – Oscar Wilde

Every woman is unique and beautiful having no need to be acknowledged by someone to deserve love and care. Since a long time, Ukrainian women have become hugely popular among foreigners. Why do men from different countries all over the world seek Ukrainian women? Let’s take a closer look at how dating Ukrainian women looks like and other nuances.

What are Ukrainian women famous for?

If foreigners find Ukrainian women attractive, there must be something drawing their attention. Statistics shows that Ukrainian girls marrymostly Americans, Europeans (Germans, Scandinavians) and more rarely Asians (including Arabic, Chinese, and Indians).

Men from developed countries often are financially stable, they have houses, cars, best-paying jobs and, what is most important, a desire to create a family. These men may consider dating and marrying Ukrainian women because of the following virtues of Ukrainian women:

  • Beauty. Have you heard how charming Ukrainian ladies are? The research proves that Ukraine has consistently been ranked among the top 10 countries in the world with the most beautiful women. Beauty makes them only half-ready for marriage but most of the foreigners still appreciate it.

Slavic women often make their face and body care a priority. They don’t leave home without wearing tons of makeup, nice clothes and shoes. It does not always apply to older women who have no need to attract young men;

  • Intelligence. Apart from the stunning appearance, Ukrainian women are known to be very smart. The real beauty of Ukrainian women can be revealed after communicating with them, at least, for one time.

Most of the Ukrainian women are educated and have their own opinion on different questions. They often speak foreign languages, are curious about other cultures, politics, economy and so on. If you are dating a lady from Ukraine, you will definitely enjoy the time spent with her and never get bored.

  • Loyalness. When talking about other virtues Ukrainian women have, one cannot but mention their incredible loyalness. They can surprise a man not only with their intelligence and femininity but the talent to be friendly from the very first minute of conversation.

Top 3 things to know about dating Ukrainian women

If you are a man who is planning to settle down in Ukraine, you need to know some interesting things about dating Ukrainian women before marrying them.

Ukrainian women know how to test a man in various ways. Before taking the relationship to the next level, every woman needs to make sure the candidate suits her requirements. The tests may be related to man’s generosity, level of intelligence and other personal qualities.

Eastern European women are not particularly satisfied with their own men’s earnings.In case, a lady is not satisfied with the amount of money her man makes, it means she needs to take care of her finance herself. However, ladies living in Ukraine are known to be quite demanding  and complain a lot about the lack of money.

Moreover, Ukrainian ladies tend to believe that foreign men are able to take care of their girlfriends better. If a woman is complaining about how her man is lazy, miserly, tough, it may be a sign that she is looking for a new candidate, possibly, from abroad.

In Ukraine, age difference matters a lot.One more important factor of dating Ukrainian women is age difference. Generally speaking, the practice of big age difference between a man and a woman in the relationship is fairly common for Ukraine. It is heard to reach up to 30 years.


Young gorgeous Ukrainian ladies know how to approach foreigners to make them fall in love with them. Compared to women from other countries, Ukrainian women are known to date and marry foreigners extremely often.

P.S. If you are a man arriving to Ukraine, make sure you are ready to get charmed with the brilliant mind and attractiveness of local women.

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