Do Ukrainians like foreigners?

Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.– Ibn Battuta

If destiny abandons you to any Ukrainian town, will be sure, that you are lucky. Ukrainians kindly host foreigners, which can be proved by several interesting insight. Let’s inquire them.

Sincere, familiar and open-mind

Instead of North-European folks and people in Central Europe Ukrainians are friendly and sincere. For instance, a little time had passed, and you became a part of a community, which were total Ukrainian before. There is a very unusual feature, that distinguishes them from others European. They like to speak about

  • politics
  • salary
  • individual problems

Family values are very reliable. It proves a variety of traditions and fests. For instance, girls from cities like to spend secular wedding ceremony and wedding before God due to familiar traditions. This is one of them: those, who first make a step on rushnyk for the altar, will the head of the family.

European leisure

Ukrainians like to have a rest like Europeans. Young people like to walk on open squares in centers of cities and even splash in fountains. After working day many people are hurrying in night clubs. They are:

  • open twenty-four-hours
  • variety of alcohol drinks
  • show programmed

Ukraine is a secular state, that`s why there are no strict rules about alcohol intake. Ukrainians like to feast. In a bar, they will order with pleasure a cocktail or a beer pitcher, which a sign of hospitality. In this case, don`t refuse of it.

Foreigners like exotic

Due to Eurostat only 5% of Ukrainians citizens go out of borders of their motherland every year. This low percent is dictated by a major part of the population that has low income and can`t allow for themselves rest/education abroad. Communication with foreigners for usual Ukrainians is very rare and valuable stuff, which sometimes turns in exotic. That’s why citizens of Ukraine try to be and behave courteous and polite, speak English and other languages.  So, be lenient when they

  • Try to speak not-academic English
  • Ask you a lot about you and your country
  • Take care of you

Price policy for foreigners

If you don`t have an aim to visit Ukraine for the special event (like it was 2018 UEFA Champions League Final) or town by the sea (Odessa), don`t be afraid of great spending. According to Daily Mail for 2018, year Kyiv is the cheapest tourist direction. So, the price for the night in the Kyiv`s hotel can rate 64.79£, compile price 2 240 in UAH. Besides traditional historical monuments, everyone can observe modern tendencies in the capital. For instance, there can be found street-art, expositions of modern artists in PinchukArtCentre and even Soviet architecture. The last point attracts such artists as

  • MØ (Kamikaze)
  • Miley Cyrus  (Nothing Breaks Like a Heart)
  • THE WEEKND (isn`t released yet)

which make clips in Kyiv. Anyway capital attracts young talented people, which have chances for realization in a big city.

Ukrainian Mecca

Apart from traditional sightseeing, Ukraine has extremely unusual highly popular tourists` places. One of those places is Chernobyl, where were

  • 39 thousand in 2017
  • 72 thousand in 2018

people. There are a lot of tour operators, which organize tours in Exclusion Zone, the third clients of them are foreigners. For many people this visit is an opportunity to observe post-apocalyptic scenes of computer games with their own eyes, and for others, this is must-see in their list of places after catastrophes.

Reputation of Ukraine

Ukraine only starts to open to the world. Despite the war, corruption and low money income of citizens, Ukraine tries to create a positive reputation in the world. Holding large scale past, permanent and future events

  • International Festival of tattoo Tattoo Collection
  • Atlas Weekend
  • Champions League Final,

and little steps (promo-video creation, logos and popularization of Ukrainian brands are parts of this reputation. 1 million 930 thousand people visited Ukraine as tourists in 2018, and a total number of visitors to Ukraine is 14 million.

Vyshyvanka in the world

If we mention the traditional Ukrainian brand- vyshyvanka-we will see how it becomes popular in the world. Such burst of activity was caused by the increase of national identity sense after tragic deaths on Maidan. Vyshyvanka caught fancy in Europe, USA, Asia. Demi Moore, Anna Dello Russo, and Claudia Schiffer weren`t afraid came to the public in Ukrainian traditional costumes. There are some points about vyshyvanka:

  • Price 400-4000 UAH
  • For men and women
  • Handmade or crafted

If ask non-residents are they recommend Ukraine for the visit, they will answer yes. Definitely yes. They are turned by pleasant remembrances, bright emotions and hospitality of usual Ukrainians.

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I’m a fellow traveller and explorer of Ukraine. Based in Kyiv. Feel free to reach out to me with any questions. I’m very friendly and always open to discussing new projects, interesting ideas or opportunities to be part of Ukraine.
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