Green tourism in Ukraine

“Do not follow where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail”. Ralph Waldo Emerson

Green tourism or eco-tourism is about living in a rural environment away from the noise of the city, in ecologically clean areas. 

Statistics show that in 2018 about 20 thousand foreigners visited Ukrainian centresof green tourism.

Today, more and more people prefer to relax closer to nature, to enjoy the fresh air, walk through the woods, pick fresh berries and mushrooms, drink water from a spring and eat natural products. 

Now let’s look at the most popular places among green tourism fans.

1. Carpathians

Eco-tourism in the Carpathians offers tourists entertainment for every taste. Here you can simply enjoy the fresh air, walks through the woods and delicious food made from natural products.

If you are an active tourist, you will enjoy hiking, swimming in mountain rivers and lakes, kayaking and much more.

In recent years, jailoo tourism in the Carpathians has become popular. You can spend several days high in the mountains in the home of local shepherds, eat their traditional food and lead a distinctive way of life.

This type of tourism is quite extreme, but it will give you a unique experience. It is expected to become very popular in Western Ukraine in the coming years.

The most popular locations among green tourists are:

  • Yaremche. Cost of living – $35-50 per day;
  • Sheshory. Cost of living – $30-45 per day;
  • Slavs’ke. Cost of living – $35-40 per day.

2. Transcarpathia

Transcarpathia has recently become one of the most popular centres of eco-tourism. Here you can enjoy the beauty of mountain landscapes, waterfalls, and lakes.

Resting in Transcarpathia, you can appreciate the local cuisine. This is a mix of Transcarpathian, Hungarian, Romanian and Slovak cuisines – and all this is because of the cultural diversity of the region.

Transcarpathia is also known for its traditions of winemaking and cheese making. If you are a fan of gastro tourism – you will definitely like this tour.

The main locations for ecotourism in Transcarpathia are:

  • Mizhgirya. Cost of living – $40-45 per day;
  • Borzhava. Cost of living – $30-40 per day;
  • Volovets. Cost of living – $30-40 per day.

3. Central Ukraine

Another centre of green tourism is Central Ukraine, in particular, Kyiv and Poltava regions. Eco-tours here differ significantly from those in Transcarpathia but are not inferior to them in terms of diversity and natural beauty.

Here you can truly understand the history of the country, get acquainted with traditions, life and crafts, see the untouched corners of the wild and appreciate the hospitality of the local population.

The most popular places for green tourism in Central Ukraine are:

  • Dykanka. Cost of living – $30-35 per day;
  • Kodaky. Cost of living – $35-40 per day;
  • Opishnia. Cost of living – $30-35 per day.

INSIGHT: In the summer, many folk festivals are held both in Western and Central Ukraine. So, if you are traveling to get acquainted with Ukrainian culture, I would recommend you choosing summer for travel.

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P.S. The government announced the simplification of the visa regime for tourists in the upcoming years. This will make green tourism in Ukraine even more popular.

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