How much is it to travel in Ukraine?

Travelling. It is possible to write about it endlessly. It has been well said that the world is a book. Each our travel is one more step on the path to perceivethe world, it is another page of this beautiful book. Travelling in Ukraine would be a bright, colorful and warm page of your travel history.   

As you may have guessed from the topic of the article we are going to talk about how much is it to travel in Ukraine.  Well, everything depends on several factors:

  1. Where are you from;
  2. Your Destination;
  3. Accommodations;
  4. Food and drinks;

Let`s analyze each point in more detail in order to have a general picture of the travelling in Ukraine.

Where are you from? 

The most convenient way to get to Ukraine is to take a flight. The price depends on the airline you choose and the distance you need to cover. The price for economy class would be:

  • 500-750 USA from the USA, Canada or China;
  • 50-250 USD from Europe. 

Your Destination

As you know, Ukraine is not a small country, and, believe me, you are not able to drive it around for the whole weekend, like Vatican or San Marino. 

Once in Yaremche, I met a Norwegian who came to Ukraine not for the first time. He even had a map where, step by step, he noted places he had already managed to see. In addition, he had a thick textbook where he drew information where to go next. Therefore, now you need to determine what part of Ukraine you want to see. 

You can fly to Boryspil international Airport (KBP) from almost anywhere. However, if you want to discover the West or the South, then it makes sense to take flight to Lviv or Odessa. Many airlines carry out such flights from Europe.

If you nevertheless arrived in Kiev, then you can reach any city of Ukraine by rail or bus. 

  • Bus ticket– average price is about 12 USD.

 The cost of the railway ticket depends on the distance as well as the class of the ticket.  There are three main types of train tickets:

  • EconomyClass– about 10USD
  • Second Class Sleeper(4 beds in a cabin) – about 20 USD
  • First Class Sleeper(2 beds in a cabin) – about 35-40 USD


At this point, everything is also very individual and depends on the importance of comfort for you. In light of this, there are following options to stay. 

If you are one of this people who need daily service and the ability to order room service, you, definitely, have to put at a hotel, but this option is very expensive.   

You can rent an apartment from Airbnb website. It is very easy.  Renting is cheaper, but as for me, much more comfortable. You have your home – a corner where you can make a meal by yourself. 

By the way, usually there are much more space in an apartment than in a hotel room.

On the same Airbnb, the function of renting a single room in an apartment is also available. Of course, you will need to share bathroom with other visitors but you are saving your money. 

Hostels are also becoming popular among tourists in Ukraine. Mostly students use this type of housing, but it is justified. You are coming to enjoy the city not the apartment. 

Food & drinks

Well, if you are a traveler, then there is no compromise when it comes to sit in a cafe and enjoy national dishes. Feel the atmosphere of the city and its inhabitants; listen to unfamiliar speech – free impressions. You can find more information about the national Ukrainian food on our website. 

Average price for 2 days in Kiev  

Usually people make small trips over the weekends, and most travelers would like to see the capital of the country, so let`s sum everything up and count how much is it to spend the weekend in Kiev.  

Day 1 – Friday 

Transfer. You arrive in Kiev in the morning, and you need to get to the city center or place you have decided to stay. You can: 

  • catch the bus– about  4 USD ;
  • take a cab– about 20 USD ;

Check in. You have already choose the type of housing that suits you, and you definitely have paid for: 

  • Hotel – about 130 USD for weekend;
  • Apartment – about 70 USD for weekend;
  • Room in the apartment – about 40 USD for weekend;
  • Bed in a hostel – about 20 USD for weekend.

Now you have taken the shower and had rest after the flight and I am sure you are hungry. Well, it is time to: 

  • Take a meal at a restaurant– average bill in Kiev – is about 20 USD 
  • Make a meal by yourself  – about 40 USD (it is enough for the whole weekend) 

It`s time to explore the city. Most of the sights in Kiev are free. However, you have to pay for museums or cathedralsvisiting.

  • Be ready to spend about 10-20 USD

If you still don`t know what to see in Kiev you can find this information on our web site.

You are probably tired of walking around the city, but full of positive emotions. It`s time to have lunch. You can:

  • eat something you`ve made
  • take a meal at a restaurant– average bill is still about 20 USD 

I am sure you haven`t seen everything yet, so let`s continue to explore the capital. If you are tired of walking, it is possible to use public transport:

  • Subway, bus or tram – about 0, 5 USD for one trip
  • Cab– about 5 USD for one trip

It`s already the evening, which means that the nightlife begins soon. If you like parties and nightclubs – Kiev has everything to impress you.  

  • Visiting of some clubsis free, but mostly it`s about 5 USD
  • Average bill in the clubis about 25-30 USD

Day 2 – Saturday

I am sure you had some fun last night, didn`t you? Now it`s a good time to relax. There are many places in Kiev, where you can get high-quality SPA. 

  • Cosmetic products for the face– about 15 USD
  • Body care– about 30 USD
  • Massage– about 25 USD 
  • Sauna bath and Pool– about 15 USD

Don`t forget about breakfast and lunch. There are still the same options: 

  • to eat something you`ve made
  • to take a meal at a restaurant– average bill is still about 20 USD 

Now you have some time for walking around the city and get ready for checking out. 

The weekend is over and it is time to go home. Use the same transfer. 

  • catch the bus– about  4 USD ;
  • take a cab– about 20 USD ;

So, how much is it to travel in Ukraine? It depends only on your wishes and opportunities. Average price for weekend in Kiev is about 250 USD + tickets to Ukraine. 

If you are interested in Ukraine and if you need more information about this county, its cities, rules and traditions – you can find in on our website. 

P. S.: Do not forget that by spending money on travels you become richer. Safe travels!   

I’m a fellow traveller and explorer of Ukraine. Based in Kyiv. Feel free to reach out to me with any questions. I’m very friendly and always open to discussing new projects, interesting ideas or opportunities to be part of Ukraine.
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