How to get to the Odesa airport: transfer, bus or taxi

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It is very convenient that Odesa International Airport is located within the city. The options of getting to Odesa airport can range from very cheap to quite expensive. First, let’s make an overview of how getting to Odesa International airport looks like.

AnchorThe distance from Odesa airport to the city center

Fortunately, Odesa airport is located not very far from the center of Odesa. You need to overcome the distance of nearly 7 km to get to the southwestern part of the city where the airport is located. Depending on the type of transportation, it may take different amounts of time.

Note that Odesa International Airport has two terminals: the old one and the new one. A bus, trolleybus and taxi stops are located near the Old terminal used for departure. The good news is that they are located very close to each other.

AnchorHow much time does it take to go to Odesa airport?

Note that waiting for a bus may take up to 30 minutes but it might be necessary to set apart a little more time. The ride takes, as a rule, a half an hour.

In case, there are traffic jams, you will need to add extra 10-20 minutes. When going to the airport by trolleybus, be ready to spend up to 2 hours to get to your point of destination.

As of 2019, the most popular ways of getting to Odesa Airport include:

  • public transportation
  • taxi
  • transfer.

Let’s take a closer look at each of them.

AnchorPublic transportation

AnchorBus №117

When talking about public transportation, it includes bus and trolleybus that go to Odesa airport from the old city center. If you have no large luggage, you can take a bus № 117 to reach the airport.

When arriving at the airport, you will see that the bus stop is located 50 meters from the terminal on the right side of the exit. The time interval between bus arrivals is around 30 minutes.

There actually is no problem to get to the airport by bus № 117 as it goes much more often than the trolleybus. Note that the bus is often overcrowded and it is not easy to use if you bring a big suitcase with you.

AnchorTrolley-bus №14

Another convenient way to get to Odesa International Airport is by trolleybus №14. When choosing between bus and trolleybus, many tourists prefer the second option. The main advantage of the trolleybus lies in its size. It is bigger than the bus which allows taking bigger luggage inside.

If you have ever had a chance to use trolleybus, you might agree that it is much more comfortable and cheaper than the bus. Another difference is that you need to buy a ticket not from the driver but directly from a cashier.

On weekdays, trolleybus №14 starts going from the airport at 7 am. The last trolleybus departs from the airport at 8 pm. On average, the time intervals of the trolleybus movement is about 15-20 minutes. On weekends, the trolleybus to the airport is running more often.


Many tourists prefer taking a taxi while going to the airport. As for Odesa airport, it takes around 20–30 minutes to get there by taxi. Here is some advice for foreign tourists arriving in Odesa for the first time.

If you are trying to negotiate with the driver a taxi fare, do not accept a price of over 150 UAH (6 USD). The thing is that most of the taxi drivers try to take advantage of foreigners.

The taxi drivers may ask up to 30 USD to give a lift to the passengers from airport to the city center. You simply need to use one trick. If you decline the offer, they will immediately lower the price to 20 USD or less.


To make your ride to the airport safe and punctual, you can use transfer. Today, many transfer companies in Odesa offer comfortable cars to help travelers get to the city center, seaport, hotel or entertainment complex with ease. If you are looking for a trusted transfer company, (лінк) is there to help you. Our transfer service involves:

  • private ride only
  • Meet & Greet
  • no charge for flight delays
  • 24/7 support
  • free cancellation
  • 60 minutes free waiting time

Feel free to contact us if you are planning a trip to Odesa.

AnchorP.S. These are the most popular ways to go to Odesa airport. In most cases, the quality of service depends on the price tag but it can be negotiated. In addition, your decision may depend on your departure or arrival time, luggage size and weight and so on.

Hope you chose the most suitable way to get to Odesa airport.

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