How to rent an apartment in Kyiv

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The most popular way to rent an apartment in the capital of Ukraine is to book it online.

Also, this is an easy and safe way to rent an apartment in Kyiv. To book an apartment online is a perfect way if you are looking flat for a short period.

Here are the most popular services for booking online:

  • Airbnb is popular among foreigners;
  • Booking is easy to use and there is a big choice of apartments;
  • Dobovo is a Ukrainian service for renting apartments.

If you travel around Kyiv and you do not have a place where to stay, you can ask the broker to help you to find an apartment. This way is better if you are looking for an apartment for a long period.

If you want to save your time, seek help from a professional agency. Brokers will find an apartment for you by your specific requirements.

Usually, to rent an apartment with brokers help is more expensive than to book online. For long-term apartment rentals in Kyiv, agencies might ask for commissions that range 50% of monthly payment for rent.


INSIGHT: don’t try to rent an apartment from people at the train station. You can be fooled by them.

How much does it cost to rent an apartment in Kyiv?

The price for a 1 bedroom\studio apartment starts from $25 per night. Usually, the price depends on location, renovation, and amount of rooms.

Which district to choose for a living?

  • Pechersk district and Podil are the central areas. Here are Khreshchatyk Street and Andriyivskyy Descent. This area is perfect for you to rent an apartment if you visit Kyiv as a tourist.


  • Shevchenko district is perfect for those who have some work in Kyiv. It is a business district. There are a lot of different departments in pre-revolutionary buildings and modern luxury homes.


  • Kyiv’s Left Bank is a new part of the city. All three of Kyiv’s Left Bank districts are bedroom communities. This side of the city is far from the center.
  • Living in Kyiv’s suburbs is becoming increasingly popular. This is a good place to live if you want to be closer to nature. Kyiv suburbs include Koncha-Zaspa, Irpen, Vishgorod, Vyshneve, Brovary. But remember that if usually, you will need about 20-40 minutes on the way, during rush hour you could spend 1 to 1.5 hours in traffic.

PS: Renting an apartment in Kyiv is easy, it would take a few minutes to book it online. But if you are looking for an apartment for a long time, you’d better find it with brokers’ help.

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  1. I need a long term apartment for March I’m an African Student, I’m female alone, preferably in the central area cause I’ll be going to Kiev International university, I’d love anyone to help if they can. Thank you in advance.

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