The best time to go to Odessa Ukraine

“I consider the sound of the sea to be part of my body.” – Derek Walcott

Odessa is one of the most well-known cities in Ukraine. Almost eight million tourists visited Odessa during eight months of this year.

Only this year I visited Odessa twice and gonna visit one more time. But what is the best time to go to Odessa?


This time of year the weather is good. It’s warm enough for walking down the city streets, to sit on the terrace and enjoy delicious food. If you came in May, you can also try to swim. Usually, the weather in May is the same as in the summer, but there are fewer tourists.

Enjoy the architecture of the old town, try to get some walking tours and notice how beautiful everything is blooming around.

At the end of the winter, the beginning of spring Ukrainians has Maslenitsa. These days we say goodbye to winter and welcoming spring. Try to visit tradition events to get to know better Ukrainian culture.

Weather: make note that the weather at the beginning of the spring usually is not warm, not more than 15°C. Most of the days are cloudy and sometimes there are mild showers.


This time the sea is warm and the weather is hot. This time is perfect for spending days at the seaside. The total length of the coastline of Odessa is 30 km, everybody will find a favorite place to swim and get tanned.

Don’t forget that during the summer there are the best parties in the clubs! There are a lot of amazing street musicians in the evening, I love the music by a drummer at The Primorsky Boulevard.

Every summer there is Odessa International Film Festival. Everybody can visit it and enjoy great movies.

This time is high season in Odessa, so be ready that the city will be full of tourists.

Weather: the temperature usually near 30°C.


Usually, at the beginning of fall, the weather is the same as in the summer. But at fall there are fewer people because of school and university starts. It is a wonderful time to go to Odessa.

If you came to Odessa in fall but feel like it is already too cold to swim use your time to visit places like Vilkovo (Ukrainian Venice) and Bilhorod-Dnistrovskyi fortress.

INSIGHT: Explore the health road. This is 7 km road from Langeron Beach to Arkadia where you can just walk or rent a bicycle. People from Odessa loves to walk and run there.


If you think that this is nothing to do in Odessa in winter, you are wrong. Firstly, have you ever seen how beautiful sea looks in the winter? It is incredible and unforgettable!

Winter is a perfect time to have Gastro tour in Odessa! Also, you can enjoy the beautiful architecture, visits all kind of historical monuments, National Opera and Ballet Theatre, and museums.

By the way, did you know there are more than 100 museums in Odessa?

In Odessa, there is a popular event called Geesheft Garage Sale. There you can find designers, illustrators and a lot of creative people and buy exclusive souvenirs.

Weather: temperatures in winter continue to stay near zero throughout the season. However, due to Odessa’s proximity to the sea, it does not snow heavily here. The lowest weather in winter is about 4°C, make sure you have appropriate clothes and shoes.

For me, the best time to visit Odessa are May and September, but from my experience, Odessa is an amazing city in every season.

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P.S.  Almost every sight and activities are available during the whole year, the city is never boring, there are always a lot of things you can do.

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