Top 3 excursions in Lviv, Ukraine

“No one realizes how beautiful it is to travel until he comes home and rests his head on his old, familiar pillow.” – Lin Yutang

Lviv is the cultural capital of Ukraine and one of the oldest cities in the country. Last year 2.2 million tourists from all over the world visited Lviv. Excursions in Lviv are available at the moment.

But what is most important to see in Lviv? 

In the old city, there are many historical buildings. If you want to maximize your time in Lviv – choose a guide on our website and go on a city tour. So you will find out interesting details and, of course, all the insights into the city.

Top 3 excursions in Lviv

1. Culture connect

The one-day excursion is perfect for those who do not have a lot of time. 

The excursion includes a tour around the old town. Start to explore Lviv from Market Square (Rynok Square). From the founding, this is the main square in the city. 

From the top of Ratusha, the bell town, you will see the best view of the city. Attempt to count stairs in the bell town while climbing on the top! 

Also, in the old town are located a lot of historical monuments, such as:

  • four fountains standing in the corners of the Market Square with sculptures of ancient mythology heroes Neptune, Amphitrite, Diana, and Adonis;
  • the Black House;
  • the Korniakt Palace with The Italian Courtyard;
  • the Pharmacy Museum.

Special attention deserves Lviv churches and cathedrals. Most famous of them located in the old town. On excursions in Lviv we will show you:

  1. The Boim Chapel
  2. The Bernardine church and monastery
  3. The Jesuit Church
  4. The Dominican church and monastery

Another famous sight of Lviv is National Academic Theater of Opera and Ballet. If you check the banknote of 20 UAH, you will see the building of the theater on it!

Explore Jewish, Ruthenian & Armenian Quarters. There are unique places with interesting historical background.

Another place every tourist should visit in Lviv is Lychakiv Necropolis, the most beautiful cemetery in Ukraine. Last year it was visited by more than 150 thousand tourists. The cemetery opened in the late 18th century.

Also, view the city from High Castle – the highest point in the city. From here you can see the whole city, and in good weather, you can see the Carpathians Mountains from the top.

2. Food Ambassador tour

Another good way to get to know Ukrainian culture is through the National cuisine.Tour includes coffee, chocolate, and liqueur tastings, sweet cooking class, lunch, dinner, and much more.

Let’s discover together the origins of sweet cooking classes with professional chocolatiers, visit liquor store “Pyana Vishnya”, home to some of Lviv’s best “liquid” products and taste a variety of different local food, sweets and famous coffee on the send.

INSIGHT: Visit Kryivka to try national dishes. To enter this place, you need to say the password “Glory to Ukraine!”. Visit Kopalnya kavy to try sealed coffee.

3. Eco soul overnight trip

If you’re staying in Lviv for more than two days, we recommend you explore the beauty of Ukrainian nature. Our overnight tripis perfect for discovering a combination of the natural beauty and cultural wealth of Ukraine.

Spend the night near Synevyr lake, the most beautiful lake in Ukraine. Tour includes climbing the mountains, visiting the waterfall, traditional lunch.

4 days in Lviv is enough if it’s your first visit.

Also, try to visit some places near, such as Synevyr lake, Olesko Castle, Pidhirtsi Castle or Zolochiv Castle.

Contact us to get to know more about available tours in Lviv.

P.S. You will fall in love with this city from the first sight. See you there!

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