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All tourists ask “How cheap is Ukraine?”. This question is quite logical, because planning your trip you have to plan your budget. So at this article I am going to answer this question from top-4 main tourists points: accomodations, food & drinks, transportation and leisure. 


I guess this is the first question tourists ask. So, what options do you have and how cheap they are:

  • Hotels – There are a lot of hotels of different ranks across Ukraine. When I am looking for a hotel in a big city of Ukraine, I see that for DBL room I must pay at least  80-100 USDper night.
  • Apartments – Apartments usually bigger than hotel rooms, that’s probably why people prefer this option, and apartment renting mostly through Airbnb is getting popular. Apartments could be close of far from the center could be luxury and not. But for good flat near the city I usually pay at least 50-60 USDper night. 
  • Hostels – If you choose this option,  in Ukraine it costs about 10 -15 USDper night. 

Food & Drinks

Of course, when you are going to other country you want to discover its culture. National cuisine is one of the way to do this. It could be written a lot about Ukrainian cuisine wish is absolutely unique and delicious, but we are interested in how cheap is it, right? 

So, talking about food, when I order a good snack, soup, a hot dish, salad, and of course a dessert I receive the check  in an amount of 20-25 USD. In Ukraine we give tips for service at least 10% of the check.  

Naturally you won’t leave without drinking a cup of tea, coffee or a glass of juice. The price for this drinks is about 5 USD. 

Talking about alcohol you can order anything you want:

  • Long  Cocktails – from 3 USD for Black Russian to  20 USD for Mai Tai;
  • Shots – average price 5 USD;
  • Vodka (50ml) – about 2 USD;
  • Cognac, brandy, whiskey, rum, gin, tequila (50 ml) – 5 USD and higher;
  • Champagne and wine – from 12 USD per bottle; 
  • Beer – about 3 USD per mug; 

Transportation (Travel costs in Ukraine)

There is an app called Easy Way I recommend you to use. Here you can find information about all public transport of some ukrainian cities: schedule, location, route, etc. 

Depending on the city, the prices could be different, but be ready for the following travel costs in Ukraine:

  • City buses – from 0.2 to 0.6 USD per one trip;
  • Trams – from 0.15 to 0.30 USD per one trip;
  • Subway – about 0.30 USD per one trip;

If you prefer privacy and comfort you can take a cab or use such apps as Uber, Uklon and Bolt, which are available in Ukraine. I like the option of eco-car choosing. The price per one trip would be about 3-10 USD (depends on the distance).


Here we are. The most interesting way of money wasting, when we get positive emotions or culture discovering experience. How cheap positive emotions in Ukraine? 

  • Museums – you have to pay for entrance to museum about 5 – 7  USD; The mentioned price is average, some museums are free for visiting, some of them have open days; 
  • Clubs – ukrainian nightlife is so rich and bright. There are so many clubs in Ukraine, where always cool DJs, famous bands and artists perform. But you have to pay for entrance to the club about 10-15 USD. Girls can enter some clubs for free or with good discount; 
  • SPA – if you are relaxing at the resort or just tired this kind of leisure is for you. Hot stone massage, chocolate wraps, Thai massage – it’s a bumper crop. Be ready to pay about 20 USDand more for each of delights. 

P.S.: If you wanna ask me a question about prices for some special attractions or places, or wanna get more recommendations about your trip to Ukraine, please fill the application form out and keep in touch.  

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I’m a fellow traveller and explorer of Ukraine. Based in Kyiv. Feel free to reach out to me with any questions. I’m very friendly and always open to discussing new projects, interesting ideas or opportunities to be part of Ukraine.
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