7 amazing things to do in Odesa

“I love the feeling of being anonymous in a city I’ve never been before” –Anonymous

Odesa is the sunniest spot in Ukraine, with a great beach scene and a beautiful center that’s rich with history and culture. Insight into Ukraine reveals the best ways to travel to Odessa. 

Walk through a Deribasivska Street

Odesa resembles Little Paris full of grandiose buildings, chic boutiques, expensive restaurants, and historical hotspots. Here are a variety of architectural styles: classicism, Empire style, modernism. 

Deribasivska is the heart of Odesa with restaurants of different cuisines, souvenirs, trade fairs, street musicians and artists.

Immerse into the nightlife

Night clubs are beloved place by Ukrainian and European artists (like Hurts, Dan Balan, Arash), DJ`s, MCs and theme parties. 

Clubs attract by the blue-tiled pool near the water’s edge, the Mediterranean and local seafood, high-quality alcohol and cocktails, variety of hookah and modern interior. Here you can leave your troubles and hang out in the mix of music, dancing, and attractions. 

Doing sports on Path of Health 

Path of Health is absolutely safety track for cycling, running, roller-skating and Nordic walking along the seashore. Breath fresh sea air, observe a marvelous nature and make a morning swim near Path of Health.

 Here are unclouded beaches which match for yoga and retreat. Locals say that here you can smell jasmine, acacia, and linden. For a leisurely trip hire a green vehicle. 

Get through Potemkin Stairs

Due to the plan Potemkin Stairs had to unite a surface of the water and a sky. It seems endless and you hardly can reach the last stairwell but there are a lot of landmarks which tease you with their view.

And at least you get a variety of leisure: observing museum objects or enjoy concerts in the open air, try specialties in a restaurant along the shore or dare to rent a yacht and start a voyage. 

 Eat specialties of a legendary cuisine 

There are some of them have a long history since the XVIII century. They are Fanconi Café or Bernardazzi with its picturesque desserts, delicious main dishes, and selected wines. 

If you want to observe a good duo of retro interior and exterior pay visit to Zheto Café and try its unique cakes and traditional coffee. 

Travel to Odessa catacombs

Travel to Odessa catacombs are the longest and branchy net of labyrinths, galleries and tunnels under a town and its outskirts. There were found relics of mastodonts, sable-toothed tigers, ancient insects and so on. 

Locals say that here hid mafia criminals in XVIII century and local people during the Second World War. Here you can find utensils, coins, and jewels. 

Get into the thick of fests and events

And 1st of April every year citizens of Odesa celebrate the traditional holiday of humor-Yumorina. In summer don`t miss the Odesa International Film festival. It is one of the most popular Film Festivals in Western Europe.

 Besides some movies can be broadcast on Potemkin Stairs. Odesa Jazz Fest is a traditional fest for music lovers where the best European musicians perform. 

Odesa is a city with a never-ending festival life. Discover Southern Palmyra with Insight into Ukraine. In Odesa live nice people. 

Sometimes they know more about current events in Odesa than the digest or a program. Ask them and get information. When you want to get any information about tours in Odesa contact us. 

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I’m a fellow traveller and explorer of Ukraine. Based in Kyiv. Feel free to reach out to me with any questions. I’m very friendly and always open to discussing new projects, interesting ideas or opportunities to be part of Ukraine.
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