Ukrainian music: Top 5 must hear songs

“One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain.” ― Bob Marley

Ukraine is considered to be one of the most singing nations. One the reason is the melodious and pleasurable language (it has many vowels) and one of the reason is talented people. Here are songs which represent a unique palette of Ukrainian music culture. 

KAZKA Cry 230 million views

The highest number of clip views in Ukraine and thousands of pleasant comments on YouTube. KAZKA broke the Internet and created a furor. The author told that he described strong girls who can survive after a break in relationships. The unique sound makes folk instruments and deep voice of frontwoman Oleksandra Zaritska. 

MARUV & BOOSIN – Drunk Groove 116, 5 million views 

MARUV is one of the singers which causes heated discussions on YouTube and press. Her image seems to sadomasochism style, she makes erotic and sexual performances. Except the high number of views on YouTube this song has 3 awards: for Best Duo, for Best Song in Another Language, for Best Electronic Hit. 

MONATIK Kruzhyt 92 million views

Ukrainian singer MONATIK unites music and dance in all his clips and performances. But in one program (Kvartal 95 Studio) he revealed that he dedicated this song to women who turn men`s a head. 

MAX BARSKIH BEREGA 33 million views

Clip for the song BEREGAgained a high number of watches in a few months. Alan Badoev (producer of Max Barskih) said that Max`s style (glove on the hand by Balenciaga ) is a reference to the 80 years and their headliner Prince. 

Okean Elzy Na nebi 17,4 million views

One of the best ballad about love from the most known Ukrainian band Okean Elzy. The unique sound makes hoarse voice of Svyatoslav Vakarchuk. Happiness, love, and unity create a unique atmosphere in Olimpiyskiy Stadium. Okean Elzy always favors the unity of Ukraine from east to west. Bands from Eastern Ukraine (Fontaliza and Sinoptik) made performances before Okean Elzy. 

P.S. Visit Ukraine and listen to live performances of top headliners, legendary artists and phenomenon of Ukrainian music. 

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