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«Do you know that life on Earth arose in Odessa?»
Odessa joke

City of humour and beautiful girls

Odessa is the funniest and cheerful city in Ukraine. Somebody сan make fun of you here and can give you kind smiles without the reason. Not in vain the international humor-festival called «Humorina» every year take place in this city.

It is the famous carnival for the All Fools’ Day on April the 1st. Last year the humor festival brings together more than 100 thousand of tourists from the whole world. In its scope it doesn’t concede now to the legendary Brazilian carnival in Rio de Janeiro.

Odessa is the great seaport, therefore since the foundation of the city it gathered seamen, smugglers and of course beautiful girls here. Any man would be shocked by such loads of beauties on the streets.

Sometimes it seems you got not to the resort, and seems you visit a beauty contest or a fashion show with the best models of the world.

It is worth noting that the number of foreign tourists visiting South Palmyra every year is growing. According to official data, 3.2 million tourists visited Odessa in 2018, 40% of them are foreigners. This indicates the huge tourist potential of the city.

Some words about the history of the city

As a local inhabitant, I recommend to visit the Odessa Museum of History and Local Lore, where you can find many interesting facts about the historical events that South Palmyra has experienced since its foundation. Here are some facts from the history of the city.

The city is located on the coast of the Black Sea. It was founded in 1794 by the Russian empress Catherine II. Odessa was under construction on the project of the Dutch architect Franz de Vollan, therefore the grandiose ancient Roman style prevails in architecture, especially in the central part of the city. Construction took place under the leadership of the vice admiral Deribas. The central street of Odessa is called in honor of him.

Counts, noblemen and dukes, the most known of whom was the French aristocrat Duc de Richelieu, were city’s mayors of Odessa serially. The monument to Duc is established at top of the well-known Potemkin stairs.

Thanks to the aristocrats, who were in managements of the city, Odessa developed and found that highlight and originality for which it is famous for the whole world.

5 reasons for vacation in Odessa:

1. The picturesque place on the coast of the Black Sea

You can enjoy well-groomed solar beaches with branched infrastructure, one of the best dolphinarium in Ukraine, night discos and lounge bars directly on the beach, aquapark, amusement park during your vacation in Odessa.

Rent a bike and ride «The Route of Health» along the coast, enjoying the sea sights. Your holidays will be so saturated that memories of it would warm you till the next season.

2. Very positive and cheerful people

Odessa is the international city. You will be accepted with pleasure and hospitality here. Kind cheerful and sympathetic people there live here, who answer any question with a smile and joke. Odessans are always ready to help you with any problem.

Even if you have a bad mood, be sure that having visited Odessa — you get better and smile. Funny cases occur in itself here and give rise to thousands of anecdotes.

3. Festivals and concerts for every taste

If you like to visit a cultural events — Odessa is the best way to satisfy your desires. There are lots of festivals and theater performances, which take place here every season. Have fun vacation in Odessa.

Here is just a small list of it: the Humorina, Odessa International Film Festival, Wine’s Fest, International Jazz Festival.

4. Yacht trips in the high seas

You may charter the yacht in Odessa, which will bring you and your friends to the wild places with azure clear water, where except you and the captain will not be uniform human being. Enjoy amazing beautiful sunrises and sunsets, catch fish and just to swim naked in the high sea.

INSIGHT: Experienced sailors know wild places far from the rush of the city and if you like wildlife tourism with a tent, then the National Reserve — Kinburn Spit is your choice. It is located 30-50 km far from Odessa.

You will reach there in 3 hours. There is absolutely wild nature and there is an authentic Indiana-style camping — «Kinburn Camp», where you can live in wigwams right on the shore of a clean deserted beach with azure clear water.

Purchase the service of panoramic video shooting and make unique shots and an original photos against the backdrop of the sea expanses and depths on this yacht-trip.

If you decide to celebrate your birthday, anniversary or wedding in an original way — you can do it on a yacht away from a busy city. A professional team will help you with the implementation any craziest ideas of parties on a yacht.

5. An extreme tours and diving

There are lots of ways to spend the rest for extreme tourists in Odessa. There pass labyrinths of dungeons under the whole city. It is «The Odessa catacombs», which total length is about 2.5 thousand km. A professional cave explorers will help you to go down and accompany you on your journey.

The Odessa catacombs are one of the largest dungeon mazes in the world. There are carst caves here, the depth of which reaches 30 m. You can also find bunkers, ancient wall paintings, skeletons of prehistoric animals and even underground lakes here.

The divers can hire an equipment for deep sea research. You can study and dive together with the instructor. And if you absolutely fearless — you may fly by on a hang-glider along beaches or be trained to rock-climbing in the «Climbing wall».

Odessa is the city of freedom, love and infinite fun, come here at all seasons of the year — vacation will leave memory for the rest of your life here.

INSIGHT: If you visit Odessa in winter, you can see a unique sights of the frozen Black Sea, ice layers, piling up on top of each other, create different bizarre shapes, photos on their background look fantastic.

P.S. Having visited Odessa once, you fall in love with this city forever…

Well help you to do this.

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