Vacation spots in Ukraine

“Once a year, visit a place you have never been to” – The Dalai Lama.

Ukraine is a beautiful country, and there are a lot of places witсh deserved to be visited. Vibrant cities, ancient castles, seasides, stunning countryside, diversity of landscapes and a welcoming attitude all help make it a special destination.

The lack of mass tourism lends Ukraine a charm and authenticity often missing elsewhere. I visited a lot of interesting vacation spots in Ukraine and I know where you can have the best vacation! Here is the list.


If ask Ukrainians what is the best city in Ukraine near the sea – almost all of them would tell Odessa. The old architecture, amazing night clubs near the sea, sandy beaches – all of this makes fall in love with the city.

There are a lot of amazing restaurants in Odessa, prepare yourself for tasty food! Odessa offers a unique cuisine – a mix of Greek, Bulgarian, Jewish, French, Russian and Ukrainian.

INSIGHT: Places which I liked and which are mast-have to visit :

  1. City food market
  2. Dacha
  3. Molodost

But don’t limit yourself, go to see the nearest city in Odessa oblast.

  • Zatoka. This village is a perfect place for a family vacation! Here you will find many entertainments, like jet skis, slides, windsurfing or parachute flying over the sea.
  • Sanzheyka. This is a small village, but this is a great place for lovers of a quiet, relaxing holiday. From high cliffs overlooking the magnificent seascapes.
  • Koblevo is another village in Odessa oblast. It is well known for Kobleve Winery. Everybody can visit it and degust production. Also, you can find aquapark and dolphinarium in Koblevo.

The Carpathian Mountains

Mountains in Ukraine is a pretty mystic and romantic place. If you prefer Jailoo tourism – the Carpathian Mountains is a perfect place for you. Here you can feel the atmosphere of Ukraine and get to know the culture.

  • Svalyava – the famous resort of Transcarpathia. In summer you can hike and cycling, picking mushrooms and berries, fishing. In winter, tourists come for skiing and ATVs, snowboards and snowmobiles.
  • Synevir. This is the largest lake in the Carpathian Mountains. It is also called “Sea Eye” because of a small island in the middle. The lake is attracting by its crystal clear waters and unique landscapes.
  • Slavske is a large ski resort in the Lviv region. Slavske is one of the three most popular destinations in Ukraine.

INSIGHT: How to have fun at Slavske? Skiing and snowboarding are not the only entertainment in the Carpathians. Tourists can enjoy:

  • horse riding
  • sleigh rides (incredible experiences)
  • pottery workshops (suitable for both children and adults)
  • excursions to the Liberation Struggle Museum (for those who love history)
  • SPA in the Carpathian (Bathing in Chan)

Let us know if you would like to know more about ski resorts in Ukraine in the comments below! Vacation spots in Ukraine are very popular among euro tourists.

Health improvement

Sanatoriums of Ukraine are a great opportunity not only for rehabilitation but also for vacation. The resorts are located in the picturesque places of the country, so everyone can enjoy nature during health and wellness tour.

The best spots for it in Ukraine are:

  • Truskavets. There are upscale wellness centers around healing mineral springs. The resort is famous not only for its top-rated wellness centers but also with its unique nature. Truskavets is perfectly suitable for family recreation.
  • Morshin resort has been considered one of the most popular health facilities in the Carpathian region. Here you can only enjoy the gifts of nature, take the maximum benefit from the mountains for yourself and your health.
  • Myrhorod. To spend a vacation in Myrhorod means to charge yourself with inspiration and energy for the whole next year. Mirgorod natural mineral water is rich in micro and macro elements that are important for health. 

P.S. Ukraine is a big country where everyone can find a perfect vacation spot. There are places for lazy days at the beach, nightclubs for a party, places for family vacation and sanatoriums.

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I’m a fellow traveller and explorer of Ukraine. Based in Kyiv. Feel free to reach out to me with any questions. I’m very friendly and always open to discussing new projects, interesting ideas or opportunities to be part of Ukraine.
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