Wellness tourism in Ukraine: review

There are a lot of people in this world who spend so much time watching their health that they haven’t the time to enjoy it. Josh Billings.

Modern life is full of stress, so wellness-tourism becomes increasingly popular all around the world. It helps people regain physical and mental strength.

People all over the world know the names of such wellness resorts as Baden-Baden or Karlovy Vary. But Ukraine also has places that are not inferior to them in uniqueness. And the service of Ukrainian wellness resorts meets the world’s requirements.

I would like to introduce you to several Ukrainian resorts, which are justly considered analogues of the top world wellness resorts. Wellness tourism in Ukraine is open whole year.

Berehovo – Ukrainian Baden-Baden

Berehovo is famous for its thermal waters, analogues of which are found only in a few places of the world – Iceland, New Zealand, and Kamchatka. Hot spring hits right out of the ground, whole heal body and soothe the soul.

Main wellness centres of Berehovo are:

• Thermal complex “Zhayvoronok”. Cost – $30-50 per day;

• Thermal complex “Zakarpattia”. Cost – $20-35 per day;

• Thermal complex “Kosino”. Cost – $30-50 per day.

INSIGHT: I would recommend you take an excursion and visit the historical places of Transcarpathia during a vacation in Berehovo. Take full advantage of numerous castles, sights of Uzhgorod and Mukachevo.

Truskavets – Ukrainian Karlovy Vary

Truskavets is a balneological resort in the Lviv region, located in an ecologically clean zone. This is one of the most popular resorts in Ukraine.

Its therapeutic capabilities are not inferior to the world-famous balneological centers. In Truskavets there are 14 springs of unique mineral waters. The well-known sort of mineral water Naftusya originates here in Truskavets.

Main wellness centres of Truskavets are:

• Geneva. Cost – $50-150 per day;

• Rixos Carpathian. Cost – $100-250 per day;

• Lisova Pisnia. Cost – $80-200 per day;

INSIGHT: Lviv – one of the main tourist centres of Ukraine – is located not far from Truskavets. I would recommend you visit its places of interest.

Bukovel – Ukrainian Alps

Bukovel is the largest ski resort in Ukraine, and in recent years it has been developing as a medical and wellness centre. Wellness complexes in Bukovel are open all year round.

For many tourists from Ukraine and abroad, Bukovel has become a favourite place for winter entertainment, outdoor activities, and recreation. Ski area guarantees the right snow conditions throughout the whole season that also prolongs skiing period to the late spring.

At the resort, you can go through a series of cosmetic Wellness and SPA procedures that will help improve the general condition of the body, well-being and good mood.

Main wellness centres of Bukovel are:                                            

• Wellness and Spa centre Radisson Blue, Bukovel. Cost – $ 80-150 per day;

• Mardan Palace SPA Resort. Cost – $ 50-100 per day;

• Ganz & SPA. Cost – $ 60-100 per day.

INSIGHT: If you like to relax with the whole family, I would recommend you come to Bukovel in winter. So you can combine wellness-tourism with outdoor activities, skiing, and snowboarding.

Read other articles on our website to get more information about tourism in Ukraine. Contact Insight Into Ukraine to get a guide to wellness tours.

P.S. The nature of Ukraine is unique.  Here many places can attract tourists from all over the world. And this means that wellness tourism in Ukraine has broad prospects.

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