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“Because in the end, you won’t remember the time you spent working in the office or mowing your lawn. Climb that goddamn mountain.” – Jack Kerouac

According to the official information of the Ministry of Finance in Ukraine the average salary in Ukraine is 10269 UAH (395 USD). The same information gives the most popular Headhunter-sites – rabota.ua (10 250-394 USD) and work.ua (10 000-385 USD). In resumes Ukrainians point out higher wages than employers can propose. Also 80% of Ukrainians get a salary (fixed pay for work at the end of the month) and only 20% get wages (pay for an hour). 

Among standardized profitable fields of work like top-management or real estate agents there two branches which propose candidates the highest salaries. 

IT -sector                                                         

IT market in Ukraine kicks into high gear in the last 5 years. IT-sector proposes a lot of vacancies not only for «classical» IT-professions. There are a lot of 

•   SMM-specialists – 10 000 UAH (385 USD)

•   call-operators – 8000 UAH (208 USD)

•   SEO-specialists – 7000 UAH (269 USD)

•   technical writers – 12000 UAH (462 USD)

The latest research (May 2019) reports that students (20 age) and a candidate with experience (35 age) will choose IT-sphere among others. Ukrainian and foreign IT companies are leaders of the best employers ranking in Ukraine. The average salary in IT – 13 843 UAH (532 USD). 

Digital marketing 

From ancient times people began to sell products. Trade was one of reason to discover new continents, destinations and countries. 1000 people worked on a new iPhone but only Steve Jobs inspired people to buy it. Now 9 from 10 companies have a sales department. The numbers of ways of communications between customer and company increased. More and more brands have 

•   accounts in social networks 

•   messages in Viber/Telegram

•   sales from bloggers 

Perfect sales manager have good human qualities and believe in a product. The average salary in digital marketing is 10000 UAH (385 USD). 

The lowest paid work in Ukraine is the governmental sector. People who work in a governmental sphere get a minimum salary which can grow in 5-10% in 5-10 years. 

Middle education 

The average salary of a middle school teacher is 4173 UAH (160, 5 USD). It also regards to psychologists and coaches. But a teacher in a musical school who works less than 8 hours can get a lower salary. The fixed official salary of the teacher in middle school can be

•   first category 1 921 UAH (74 USD)

•   18th category 5656 UAH (217 USD)

Teacher in the middle school is one of the non-popular professions among young people and graduates of universities. Young specialists prefer to work in private schools. An average teacher in a school is a woman in 41-50 years. 


Reform of the medical sphere in Ukraine was referred to doctors. But medical staff of the lower link still gets minimum salary and even less. There are salaries of medical nurses:

•   first category 1921 UAH (74 USD)

•   highest category – 3048 UAH (117 USD)

The highest salaries can get assistants in private dentistries– from 7000 – 9000 UAH (269 USD-346 USD). Medical nurses make up the biggest part of workers in the medical area. Very often medical nurses work in heavy severe duties: carrying bed patients, overflow of patients, high risks by contact with sick people. 

One of the biggest problem in Ukraine is an unequal request of workers in private and governmental companies. Despite high IT-specialists or SMM-managers request, every society can’t survive without doctors, fitters, machine-tool operator and nurses. 

P.S. The government will perform a reform to accrue a salary payment through implementation an hourly wage and in such a way raise a level of living wage. 

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