Zaporizhia City: The best 5 sanctuaries

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Despite being a powerful industrial center, Zaporizhia regards as a cultural hotspot. It was a crucible of Ukrainian cultures and heritages from enslavement – and yet it has become a city resolutely not bogged down with the weight of history. Here are the best 5 sanctuaries in Zaporizhia.

Khortitsa National Nature Reserve

Hundreds of years ago on the banks of Dnipro River and the island Khortitsa free people (Cossacks) founded Zaporozhian Sich. And now everyone has a unique possibility to observe defense bastions, Cossacks ceremonies, to try traditional Cossacks dishes like kulish or galushki. It is an open-air museum in a wild almost pristine nature. Here traditional shows of Zaporozhian Cossacks are held.

Font of Catherine II

A font of Catherine II (Catherine the Great) was built due to the order of Grygorii Potemkin. It is a pool with stone walls and a stone ground. It was always a magnet for gossips, legends and mystery stories. The temperature of the water is about 16 C° and stays constant every season in the year. The water of this font is healing and cures every disease. 

Museum of arms history (Museum of the History of Weapons)

Unique museum with private collections of arm weapons from the ancient times to World War II. Here you can see a weapon, battle suits and national symbols from different continents and countries. Also, look at fine-cut masterpieces from a work shed that were sharped, handled, cleaned, brightened, plating and so on. The exhibition covers the history of human and arms.

Yelyseivskyi quarry in Zaporizhia City

Yelyseivskyi quarry was a flooded canyon with a deep nearly 20 meters. The view on the cliffs is fantastic: sparkling mountainous minerals are edged by emerald unique bushes and crystal-clear water. It is a hotspot for eco and active rest: camping, climbing, bungee jumping, adventure park and quests in mountains. Also, here everyone can fishing, swim and get a sun-tan.

Chaika Shipping Museum

One of the largest museum in Europe where exhibit more than 10 full-size reconstructed traditional Cossacks boats-Chaikas. Here you can listen to a row of stories and legends about Cossack`s shipping, that fought against Othman. The museum looks like a work shed and attracts people by uncompleted ships. In future museum will enrich by other new renovated ships from Dnipro River.

Zaporizhia has always been a big economic hub but now, finally, it`s shaken just a little of the dust off its historical landmarks and reveal them in a new light.

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